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Quarterly journal covering German ground operations in World War 2


Contents of Issue 6:

Disastrous Debut: 22.Pz.Div. in the Crimea, March 1942
by Marty Nevshemal
The newly formed 22. Panzer-Division was rushed into a counterattack on unfamiliar ground in the Crimea in March 1942.
Almost 13,000 words, 26 photos, 6 maps and 2 sketches

Tank Duel at Köln Cathedral, 6 March 1945
by Jason Mark
A close-range clash between a Panther and a Pershing on the doorstep of Köln cathedral was captured on film. The Panther was commanded by an experienced officer, so how was he bested?
Over 4600 words, 16 photos, 2 aerial photos and 2 maps

Biography – Oberfeldwebel Josef Dehn, Pi.Btl.666 (mot)
by Jason Mark
Relentless deployment at hotspots with Pi.Btl.666 (mot) led to Oberfeldwebel Josef Dehn earning the German Cross in Gold, the Close Combat Clasp in Silver and a promotion to Leutnant.
Over 2300 words and 3 photos

Explosive Execution: A Daring Raid in Stalingrad-North
by Jason Mark
Some veterans’ stories, such as that of Leutnant Georg Köhler from 24.Pz.Div., are so outrageous that they defy credulity. Russian records, however, confirm Köhler’s deed.
Over 3500 words, 10 photos and 1 aerial photo

In Their Words – Earning the Close Combat Clasp, Part 3
by Herbert Schrödter
Herbert Schrödter concludes his account of how he accrued the fifteen days needed to earn the Close Combat Clasp in Bronze.
Over 18,000 words, 6 photos, 4 maps and 5 sketches

Inf.Rgt.517 in Central Stalingrad
An amateur photographer records his unit’s advance from the steppe into static warfare in central Stalingrad.
13 photos

Combat Report – Flamethrower Tanks Versus Forts
During the early days of Operation Barbarossa, French tanks converted into flamethrowers supported an infantry battalion during a mission to capture Soviet fortifications near Wielki Dzial.
Almost 2700 words, 1 maps, 2 sketches and 5 photos

• 79 photos
• 13 maps
• 3 aerial photos
• 9 sketches

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2 reviews for Kampfzone

  1. Kenneth McManamy (verified owner)


    This is an OUTSTANDING periodical. It has all the factual, historical, and detailed writing we’ve come to expect since “Death of the Leaping Horseman” was published, but in small, bite-size, pieces.

    There are many pictures and maps, as well, that lend a great deal of support to the written articles.

    I’m very glad that I have subscribed and I am looking forward to the next issue.


    • admin

      Thanks for your positive review, Ken. We’re glad you liked it.

  2. Ryan Myers (verified owner)

    The Kampfzone series is a MUST have for anyone interested in German ground operations in WWII. What makes Kampfzone great is, not only does it appeal to serious readers but to laymen as well. The niche topics that are presented is what makes Kampfzone great. The material that’s covered may never get the same treatment that Jason and his team have given it.


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