Kampfzone Issue 3


Quarterly journal covering German ground operations in World War 2


Contents of Issue 3:

Stalingrad: Forcing the Don River
by Jason Mark
The battle for Stalingrad was initiated by a German amphibious assault across the Don on 21 August 1942 that enabled panzers to reach the Volga north of the city just two days later.
Over 11,000 words, 14 photos, 9 maps and 2 aerial photos

Delaying Operation Suitcase: Stug.Brig.244 / 667 on the Dutch-Belgian Border
by Richard Brouwer
Assault guns of Stug.Brig.244 and 667 played a major role in delaying the Allied advance in the Dutch-Belgian border region.
Over 6700 words, 6 photos, 2 maps and 1 aerial photo

Biography – Special Forces Expert: Major Fritz Benesch
by Jason Mark
Glider landings, para drops, a long-range kayak raid, sea landings and undercover intrigue: Hauptmann Fritz Benesch, a Brandenburger liaison officer, participated in them all.
Over 10,000 words and 19 photos

Assault Troop Operations: Theory and Practice on the Ostfront
by Craig Machell
Lessons gained during the Great War were applied on the Ostfront. Case study: Raids by 161.Inf.Div. across the Donets River in mid-1943.
Almost 7000 words, 8 sketches and 1 photo

In Their Words – Guderian’s Ducks: Panzer IV/70 (V) versus US Shermans
by Wilhelm Trutschler
Panzer IV/70 (V) tank-hunters battled against US Shermans during a counterstrike in Lorraine, September 1944.
Almost 3000 words and 2 photos

Soldier’s Lens – Motorised Recoilless Gun Battery: Escort Battery, Radf.Abt.1
A unique unit equipped with 10.5cm recoilless rifles and Kettenkräder tracked motorcycles was added to Radfahr-Abteilung 1 (1. Kavallerie-Division) for Operation Barbarossa.
22 photos

Combat Report – Thrust to the Volga: South of Stalingrad, September 1942
Investigations into the large number of MIAs incurred during a push to the Volga by 29. Infanterie-Division (mot) in September 1942 revealed the confused fighting on Stalingrad’s southern outskirts.
Over 2500 words, 6 maps and 1 photo

• 65 photos
• 13 maps
• 3 aerial photos and 8 sketches

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