Kampfzone Issue 4


Quarterly journal covering German ground operations in World War 2


Contents of Issue 4:

Barbarossa Unchained
by Luc Belanger
Following the capture of Minsk, XXXXVII. Armeekorps (mot) clashed with Soviet armour and the Red Army’s newest secret weapon as it pushed from the Berezina to the Dniepr.
Over 10,000 words, 25 photos and 4 maps

The Key to Caen
by Richard Brouwer
The 3rd British Infantry Division claimed that Château de la Londe and its surrounds was the bloodiest square mile in Normandy. A month was required to take this key spot on Caen’s northern outskirts.
Over 7500 words, 10 photos, 2 maps and 4 aerial photos

Biography – Turkish-born Panzer Leader: Maximilian Graf von Lüttichau
by Jason Mark
Maximilian Graf von Lüttichau fought exclusively on the Ostfront, often under the command of the famous Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz.
Over 3200 words and 4 photos

Airlanding Battalion at Stalingrad
by Jason Mark
A Luftwaffe rifle battalion and a Fallschirmjäger company, formed into an airlanding battalion, undergo their baptism of fire during their first mission at Stalingrad in early September 1942.
Almost 7000 words, 6 photos and 2 maps

In Their Words – Earning the Close Combat Clasp, Part 1
by Herbert Schrödter
In a brutally honest account, Herbert Schrödter recounts how he accrued the fifteen days needed to earn the Close Combat Clasp.
Over 13,500 words, 8 photos and 6 maps

Soldier’s Lens – “Papa” Hoth
Renowned panzer army commander Hermann Hoth collected prints from colleagues and official PK photographers that showed him in action during the momentous battles of 1942-1943.
21 photos

Combat Report – Retaking “Ideal Hill”
During grim positional warfare in the Caucasian foothills in November 1942, Aufklärungs-Abteilung 9 was deployed to recapture a vital hill.
Over 1500 words, 1 map and 1 photo

• 75 photos
• 15 maps
• 4 aerial photos

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