Kampfzone is quarterly journal featuring a wide range of articles on German ground operations during World War 2. Each issue covers battles on both the Eastern and Western Fronts, as well as an in-depth biography, an eyewitness account, a photo essay and a combat report, all previously unpublished.

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Coming in Issue 7 (March 2024):

Operation Driven Hunt: Elimination of the Five-Kopeck Bridgehead, 24 – 30 April 1942

A Mini Stalingrad: The Tragic Story of Festung Tarnopol, March-April 1944

Klein Silber: SS-King Tigers in Pommerania, 8-9 February 1945

Biography: tba

In Their Words – Panzer battalion in the Stalingrad pocket

Soldier’s Lens – tba

Combat Report – tba

Preview of Issue 7 cover: Stay tuned!