Kampfzone Issue 5


Quarterly journal covering German ground operations in World War 2


Contents of Issue 5:

Turning the Tide at Arnhem
by Scott Revell
The assault guns of Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 280 thwarted British plans to take the Arnhem bridge and turned the tide of the battle.
Over 7700 words, 22 photos, 3 aerial photos and 1 map

The Fortress That Never Was
by Richard Hargreaves
In early 1945 Hitler designated half a dozen cities as fortresses, bulwarks against the Red Army. Even though it spent months preparing for a siege, Frankfurt an der Oder would fall largely without a fight.
Almost 19,000 words, 15 photos and 2 maps

Biography – Probationary Unit Leader: Oberleutnant Alfred Zach
by Jason Mark
Thanks to his dependability and skills as an instructor, Oberleutnant Alfred Zach, survivor of vicious combat in Stalingrad’s factories, was assigned to command probationary units in late 1943.
Almost 2800 word, 5 photos and 1 map

Experimental Guns at Stalingrad
by Jason Mark
A battery of self-propelled 10.5cm howitzers sent to Stalingrad for field testing helped repel gunboats on the Volga, cavalry charges in the Don hills and infantry attacks in the snowy steppe.
Over 2800 words, 4 photos and 1 sketch

In Their Words – Earning the Close Combat Clasp, Part 2
by Herbert Schrödter
Herbert Schrödter continues his account of how he accrued the fifteen days needed to earn the Close Combat Clasp.
Over 6600 words, 7 photos, 3 maps and 2 sketches

Combat Medic in Stalingrad
Follow II./Inf.Rgt.276 – the battalion in which Leutnant Adelbert Holl, author of “An Infantryman in Stalingrad”, led a company – as it pushes across the steppe and into the Volga metropolis.
30 photos

Combat Report – Panzerjäger Company at Kharkov 1942
The war diary of 1./Pz.Jäg.Abt.128 reveals its tough struggle against tanks during the Soviet offensive launched on 12 May 1942.
Over 2600 words and 2 maps

• 83 photos
• 9 maps
• 3 aerial photos
• 3 sketches

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