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Taming the “Beast Slayer”

Coming in Issue 1 of “Kampfzone”

Taming the “Beast Slayer”: Oberleutnant Bernhard Küper
by Oliver Lörscher
In October 1944, Leutnant Bernhard Küper fought off a deadly foe: a pack of ISU-152 self-propelled heavy howitzers.
Over 1800 words, 2 photos and 2 maps

4 thoughts on “Taming the “Beast Slayer”

  1. Interesting! any further info on what this Kampzone is? When is Issue 1 released? online? where? … does sounds great

    1. Kampfzone is a quarterly journal focusing on German ground operations in World War 2. Issue 1 is printed, but we just need to sort out some postage and subscription matters first. It will be available through our website.

  2. Hello,
    I am very interested in Kampfzone. Please let me know, when it will be released.
    May I order it via mail or do you deliver it to Berliner Zinnfiguren und Bücherkabinett, too?
    I am living in Berlin, buying a copy there will be a pleasure….
    Have a good day
    Gunther B. Grübler

    1. It will be available very soon, delivered by mail.

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