An Infantryman in Stalingrad 2nd Edition (eBook)


eBook. Adelbert Holl was a 23-year-old infantry Leutnant, a junior infantry commander, during the battle for Stalingrad. He stood eye to eye with the foe. That is why his report is so impressive, so enthralling, so stirring.

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Completely revised 2nd Edition! Note: this is an eBook (pdf)

Adelbert Holl was a 23-year-old infantry Leutnant when he rejoined his unit in Stalingrad after recovering from a severe wound he suffered in April 1942. Upon returning to Infanterie-Regiment 276 of 94. Infanterie-Division, he discovered that many of the officers and men who had been with the unit barely 5 months earlier were now dead or wounded, and the unit was embroiled in tough city-fighting in central Stalingrad.

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Hardcover and paperback copies of the 1st Edition are still available.


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