Kampfzone Issue 2


Quarterly journal covering German ground operations in World War 2


Contents of Issue 2:

Leaping Horseman in Normandy
by Jason Mark
A Panther battalion (I./Pz.Rgt.24) full of Stalingrad veterans faced US tactical competence and material superiority in Normandy.
Almost 12,000 words, 31 photos, 5 maps and 1 aerial photo

Volokolamsk: 2. Panzer-Division on the Road to Moscow
by Luc Belanger
In October 1941 the Wehrmacht believed the road to Moscow was open and ultimate victory could be secured by the end of autumn. In order to achieve this, 2. Panzer-Division spearheaded an advance towards the vital road junction at Volokolamsk.
Almost 5600 words, 7 photos and 3 maps

Biography – Tank Hunter in the Kurland Pocket: Leutnant Hans Möller
by Oliver Lörscher
Leutnant Hans Möller and his Sturmgeschütz IV platoon repelled a dangerous Soviet armoured attack in late October 1944.
Over 1500 words and 2 photos

Stalingrad: Night Attack of the Pioneers
by Jason Mark
In central Stalingrad, three pioneer battalions launched a surprise night-time assault to cut off Rodimtsev’s 13th Guards Division.
Almost 8300 words, 16 photos, 3 maps and 4 aerial photos

In Their Words – Mountain Troopers Equipped with T-34s
by Gustav Steubing
Panzerkompanie 101, formed by 101. Jäg.Div. from captured tanks, fought its way out of the Kamenets-Podolsk pocket in March 1944.
Over 3400 words, 2 photos and 1 map

Soldier’s Lens – Bergmann’s Infantrymen
Photos taken by an Austrian riflemen belonging to 137. Infanterie-Division reveal the fatiguing burden borne by infantry formations during the push deep into the Soviet Union in 1941.
19 photos

Combat Report – Attacking the Sokal Fortifications
A combat report by Sturm-Pi.Btl.51 shows the detailed planning and tough combat needed to subjugate stubborn frontier defences during the opening days of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941.
Over 7600 words, 7 photos and 2 maps

• 84 photos
• 14 maps
• 5 aerial photos

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