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Serendipitous Then & Now comparison

A serendipitous then & now comparison, though not very exciting, I’m afraid.
While using Yandex maps to find/confirm the location of a series of photos, a modern photo uploaded by a Russian user showed almost the exact spot where this heavy MG was set up. Thanks to this otherwise unremarkable modern snap, the WW2 photos can now be accurately captioned. Also, by cross-checking with aerial photos and maps, we now know what the MG-34 was being lined up on: a creek on the opposite bank, where encircled Red Army troops may try to escape.
This is the Dniepr River in late July 1941 and the German troops are facing west (north-west, in the case of this gun).
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Echoes of the past in Orel

One of the pleasures of battlefield tours is doing some then & now comparisons. Unfortunately, circumstances sometimes mean that there is not enough time, or the correct location is not found, or – as happened in this case – a hi-res version of the WW2 photo was not on hand (only a lo-res pic on an iPad was available). In 2013, I was walking around Orel, looking for a huge church that was in the background of a panzer photo. Locals had no idea where it was (it was knocked down after the war). Anyway, on instinct, I took a photo of a street that seemed vaguely familiar and when I got home, discovered that it was almost the precise spot for the “now” comparison that I was seeking. Notice the colonnaded building on the left and the Oka River bridge in the distance. This photo was used in Panzerkrieg Volume 1 (page 187), but not it’s modern comparison.