Kampfzone Issue 7


Quarterly journal covering German ground operations in World War 2


Contents of Issue 7:

Operation Driven Hunt
by Jason Mark
The Soviet foothold over the Neva River near Leningrad was so minuscule that Red Army troops called it the “Five-Kopeck Bridgehead” because on a map it could be covered by a five-cent piece. It was arguably the most blood-drenched tract of land on the Ostront. The men of 1.Inf.Div. moved against it in a well-prepared attack. The full story of Operation Drückjagd (Driven Hunt) is told for the first time.
Over 25,000 words, 17 photos, 9 maps/sketches and 1 aerial photo

Biography – Saviour at Falaise, Pz.Rgt.2 & 16
by Jason Mark
Hauptmann Friedrich Graf Brühl, a panzer officer decorated with the Knight’s Cross for his deeds at Stalingrad, delayed Allied pincers from closing near Falaise and enabled many to escape from the pocket.
2200 words, 7 photos and 5 maps/sketches

Festung Tarnopol
by Trevor Odom
The Wehrmacht was firmly on the back foot by 1944, so the strategy of “Fester Plätze” (fortified towns) was introduced to hold back the Red Army. The first of 29 locations to be put to the test was Tarnopol
Over 4300 words, 7 photos and 6 maps

In Their Words – Pocketed Panzer Battalion
by Hermann Göpel,
Hermann Göpel, an experienced platoon leader in Pz.Abt.160, made it out of the Stalingrad Kessel, though at great physical cost. His unpublished account offers an intimate insight into the operations of a panzer battalion trapped in the pocket.
Almost 16,000 words, 19 photos and 1 map

Mother of the Batterie
An orphan became a mother figure when appointed Spieß of a gun battery in Stug.Abt.226 prior to Operation Barbarossa.
13 photos

Combat Report – 2cm Flak Guns Versus Soviet Infantry
The Soviet counteroffensive at Stalingrad forced 6. Armee to commit every available unit to halt it, including Flak-Bataillon (mot) 614, an independent AA unit equipped with Flakpanzer I.
Over 1600 words and 4 photos

• 67 photos
• 24 maps/sketches
• 1 aerial photo

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