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Unit Research

Need to know more about a certain German unit? We can help. Different levels of research are offered, from a simple overview of a unit from published sources to in-depth investigation of archival documents. A quote will be prepared for you depending upon your needs.

Simple overview:
A basic overview of a unit, its subordinates units, commanders, areas of operation etc. All information will be obtained from published sources. The amount of information available depends upon the unit because there is naturally much more information available about some unit and less about others. Click here to get a quote.

In-depth investigation:
In-depth research can be arranged. Specific details of the unit and the time period in which you're interested in (eg. June -August 1942) are needed. Broad requests, such as 'any information on XX. Infanterie-Division from 1939-1945' are impractical. Narrower search parameters will result in a more accurate - and less expensive - investigation. Research of this kind is very time-consuming, therefore complete results can take many months. Archival documents will be obtained from Bundesarchiv and National Archives and Research Administration (NARA) in Washington. Please note that research in Russian archives will not be carried out. Click here to get a quote.

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