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Serendipitous Then & Now comparison

A serendipitous then & now comparison, though not very exciting, I’m afraid.
While using Yandex maps to find/confirm the location of a series of photos, a modern photo uploaded by a Russian user showed almost the exact spot where this heavy MG was set up. Thanks to this otherwise unremarkable modern snap, the WW2 photos can now be accurately captioned. Also, by cross-checking with aerial photos and maps, we now know what the MG-34 was being lined up on: a creek on the opposite bank, where encircled Red Army troops may try to escape.
This is the Dniepr River in late July 1941 and the German troops are facing west (north-west, in the case of this gun).

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  1. Excellent find. You had mentioned the MG position across the river from a gully in the caption in Guderian’s Foxes (I got the book for Christmas), and I was wondering how you figured that out. Now I know.

    So the MG-34 was set near the mouth of the Neglinny Canal just NW of the hilltop hamlet of Yerdisty (used as observation and triangulation post by Auf. Abt. 29)?

    Also check the Yandex map photo of the destroyed bridge over the Dneiper – apparently someone added a WWII photo! The Yandex photo shows the whole bridge, unlike any of the photos in the book. Link to photo:

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